Abhinav Jain

Abhinav Jain

PhD, Robotics

Oregon State University


Hey! I am Abhinav Jain, a PhD student at Oregon State University working under Dr. Cindy Grimm, and Dr. Stefan Lee. I have previous work experience working as an Engineer at Samsung R&D, Bangalore, India. I am working in the AgAID grant which collaborates AI and agriculture. I want to make robots smarter, and compliant to the ever changing world. Currently I am working on control using Reinforcement Learning for the task of pruning trees in an orchard.

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  • Deep Learning
  • Robotics
  • PhD in Robotics, 2021 - Present

    Oregon State University

  • Bachelors in Technology, 2020

    NIT Surat


Deep Learning/ Reinforcement Learning
Computer Vision


Oregon State University
Graduate Research Assistant
Dec 2021 – Present Corvallis, OR

Responsibilities include:

  • Keeping up to date with latest Reinforcement learning papers
  • Development of simulator to mimic tree growth as those in orchards
  • Developing a Sim2Real pipeline to achieve the task of Robotic pruning using an arm and RL
Samsung R&D
Jan 2021 – Aug 2021 Bangalore, India
  • Engineer in the 5G NR MAC team
  • Contributed by writing Unit Tests and Block Tests according to the Google Test framework and increasing the Test coverage metric from 2.1 to 3.2, beyond the required threshold of 3
  • Awarded Software Professional Certification for skills in Data Structure and Algorithms
Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
Research Intern
Jul 2020 – Jan 2021 Bangalore, India
  • Research Intern at Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems, IISc Bangalore, under Dr. Chiranjeeb Bhatacharyya.
  • Worked with projects that included LiDAR reconstruction without occlusions, and explainable AI.
Machine Learning Intern
May 2019 – Jan 2020 Surat, India
  • Hired in the role of an undergraduate Machine Learning Intern
  • Worked on a deep learning model to decide on the best thumbnail frame for a video.


Neural Networks and Deep Learning
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Improving Deep Neural Networks
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Convolutional Neural Networks
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Introduction to Tensorflow
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Stanford University Machine Learning
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